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Global Health Benefit Plan
The MedTrava Health Benefit is a flexible benefits solution package designed with a simple, easy to administer, value pricing model. It covers a comprehensive set of end-to-end services that enable our clients to take advantage of global facilities and achieve significant savings.

From qualifying the patients for overseas treatment to connecting them to best suited facilities overseas, scheduling the procedures, arranging the travel, pickup to/from airport, accompanying patient through hospital check-in, post surgery recuperation and follow-up - MedTrava assists the patients in a caring, friendly, professional manner at every step of their medical journey. Integration with the TPA, Case Management team and the client along with regular scheduled delivery of itemized reports offering full transparency is also provided.
A toll free number dedicated to the Client and Plan Participants
Designated contact person with direct responsibility to respond to inquiries from Plan participants / Staff
A complete client team providing management, administration, reporting for accounting purposes
Designated resource for marketing assistance to increase enrollment and enable the client to achieve maximum savings
24x7 access to competent and trained personnel to offer knowledgeable, prompt and courteous assistance to the Plan staff and participants
Trained and knowledgeable travel resource
Online Patient Tracking System for Plan Administrators and Patient’s Friends and Family
Local Cell Phone upon arrival
Medtrava will assist the Participant in preparation for travel to the Provider’s facility
Assist the Participant and any Accompanying Person(s) in obtaining a passport and any necessary visa
Arrangement of travel and lodging
Scheduling of procedures treatments
Assembly and transmission of necessary agreements, consents and other documents between Patient and Provider
Home Country Manager
Destination Manager
What is the MedTrava Global Health Benefit plan?
The MedTrava Global Health Benefit plan allows you to offer overseas medical care as an option to your beneficiaries.

Why should my company consider offering an overseas healthcare option?
There are many ways an overseas healthcare plan can benefit your company.  A few of the main reasons to consider it are:
1. Significant Savings - The largest benefit is the amount of money you can save. Even with transportation, recovery and treatment costs factored, insurers can save thousands of dollars on a single case if the patient elects to receive their medical treatment abroad.

2. Differentiation – Offering this option will help you stand out from the competition.

3. Increased customer satisfaction – Employees appreciate having multiple options for their care, especially an option that allows them to receive high quality care that saves them money?

How do I know my employees will accept this new policy?
Most companies choose to offer overseas healthcare as a supplemental option to traditional, U.S. based care.  Many employees will immediately accept the policy and appreciate the immediate service and opportunity to travel overseas the policy affords. To ensure greater acceptance of the policy, there are many incentives you can offer to encourage your employees to use the overseas option, including:
Waiving their co-payments  
Waiving their deductibles
Reimbursing travel and accommodation costs
Offering to pay for a companion’s flight to travel with the employee
Offering them paid, extended recuperation time after surgery
What happens in the case of medical malpractice?
MedTrava thoroughly vets all of its providers prior to entering in any relationship them; in addition, due to the nature of the business, overseas hospital have a vested interest in maintaining high standards to ensure international patients keep returning.  For detailed questions about malpractice, please contact us at 1.877.My.MedTrava for questions.

What happens after the patient returns to the U.S.?
MedTrava has relationship with U.S. based after care network, allowing a patient with no primary physician at home to receive all the follow-up care he or she will need.

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