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The MedTrava Group Brings Low-Cost International Healthcare to Hawaii
AUSTIN, TEXAS, February 4, 2007 -- The MedTrava Group – the only U.S.-based company providing turnkey services for low-cost, top-quality healthcare in India to American individuals and corporations – announced today that it has opened a representative sales office in Honolulu, Hawaii. Establishment of the Hawaii office reflects MedTrava’s strategy to reach out to the fastgrowing Asia-Pacific medical tourism market. The MedTrava Group is based in Austin, Texas and has offices in Bangalore, India.

“A significant proportion of Hawaii’s population is either uninsured or underinsured,” said Poonam Dhawan, founder and CEO of the MedTrava Group. “This is creating a strong demand for high-quality, low-cost surgical procedures available at super-specialty hospitals in India.”

The MedTrava Group offers a complete range of surgical and diagnostics procedures through its internationally accredited partner hospitals based in India. Costs of these procedures and diagnostics are typically 50-80% less than comparative procedures in the U.S. The company’s comprehensive door-to-door medical tourism services include connecting patients to world-class facilities with highly qualified doctors, transferring medical records, scheduling procedures, and arranging visas, accommodations, transportation, even sightseeing. The company or individual receives a single, fixed price bill that is determined before travel begins. This affordable and predictable pricing makes it an attractive healthcare solution for those with limited or no insurance.

“Besides the demand for hip resurfacing, knee replacement and cardiac surgeries, in Hawaii we are getting a lot of interest from people seeking uninsured cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelifts, breast augmentation, dental implants and reconstruction,” said Guinevere Allen, Marketing Manager of the Hawaiian office. Facelifts in India can cost as little as $5,000 compared to an average quote of $16,000 dollars in the U.S. A recent increase in short-haul
flights to Asia also makes the trip to India for medical treatment an easy option for residents of Hawaii.

Along with the surgical treatments, MedTrava offers a full range of alternative medicine, including the ancient science of “Ayurveda,” which integrates the holistic wellness of the mind, body and spirit. The all-natural, non-invasive holistic medicine developed in India 5000 years ago uses massage therapy, yoga and herbal treatments to effectively treat modern day maladies such as arthritis, obesity, aging, stress, migraines and for the overall detoxification and rejuvenation of the body. Hawaii is also home to more than 33 yoga training institutes and residents recognize the beneficial and healing powers of yoga.

Said Dhawan, “As the U.S. public becomes more conscious of the need for sustainable lifestyles, organic food and natural remedies, Ayurveda is growing in importance and significance.” In addition to flying to India for Ayurvedic treatments and training, Hawaii’s yoga institutions will have the opportunity to expand their product offerings to include Ayurveda treatments through MedTrava’s franchise program.

The MedTrava Group
The MedTrava Group is the only U.S.-based company providing turnkey medical tourism services for low-cost, top-quality healthcare in India to American individuals and corporations burdened by burgeoning healthcare costs and restrictive healthcare plans. MedTrava’s healthcare provider partners meet the highest standards of care and are internationally acclaimed centers of excellence. MedTrava has pre-negotiated rates with each of its healthcare provider partners, and has assembled procedure packages that assure its clients substantial savings. MedTrava is fully transparent in its pricing to ensure clients receive the lowest price possible in a single, itemized bill that is often 50% - 80% less than they would pay in the U.S. For more information,
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