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Patient's Name
Dan Daseran
Hip Resurfacing
I would like to take this time to write a thank you letter to the Doctors and staff at your hospital.

My name is Daniel Deseran and I come from Chino, California, USA. I am 49 years old and needed hip surgery. Because of my age I requested hip-resurfacing but my California surgeon was not familiar with that procedure. Through the Internet I found Wockhardt Hospital Group and Dr. Kaushal Malhan. Dr. Malhan's credentials and experience gave me the confidence for a twenty hour plane flight to Mumbai, India. At Mumbai airport I was greeted by Mr Bharat Devkule who drove me directly to the hospital, helped check me in and made me comfortable in my room. Throughout my entire stay Mr. Devkule took care of all my needs including shopping for camera batteries and cell calling cards, I would like to give extra thanks to Mr. Devkule.
The nursing staff took care of my needs before and after surgery, everyone was very professional and very friendly. There was never a language problem, everyone I was in contact with spoke English. My room was large with cable TV and a computer with Internet access. The food was abundant and tasty with bottled water and fresh fruit..

Before my surgery Dr. Malhan answered all my questions and explained exactly what I would encounter during and what to expect after my procedure. I met his assistant surgeons and everyone involved in the operating room, they all reassured me, and said I was in the best hands..

This was very comforting to me at a time I was so far from home, thank you..

Waking up from surgery a nurse was right with me, I was taken back to my room and well taken care of that first twenty four hours when I needed the most help..

My physical therapy started right away and I was walking my first session..

Dr. Leena Phadnis is head of physical therapy and contacted me when I first arrived at the hospital. She explained what my therapy would involve and how it would proceed. After surgery Dr. Rito took charge of my rehabilitation, she had me walking and showed me special stretching exercises that would help my leg muscles to improve healing. After six years of limping I had a hard time trying to walk correctly, but with Dr. Ritu's patience and expertize she walked the limp right out of me. I don't think my family will recognize me..

I would again like to thank the Doctor's and staff at Wockhardt, I'm very excited to get running again and just being normal..
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