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Charlie B  
Patient's Name
Gene Splitter
Denver, USA
Gene Splitter, Denver, USA had trouble sitting upright and was only comfortable lying down. "My workplace was really good about accommodating me with a zero-gravity chair, but I still had to sit down to drive to work," he says. Because of his constant pain, his American doctors had him on a daily pill regimen that included morphine and Percocet, two powerful opiates.

Gene suffered from degenerative disc disease, a condition that causes chronic lower back pain. The doctors in the U.S. recommended a double fusion to repair two discs in his back. His insurance company refused to cover it; the cost of this operation without insurance was over $100,000, plus a six to twelve month recovery time. The fusion would also need to be replaced every two years.

After being refused by his insurance company to cover an expensive surgery in United States, Gene started investigating medical tourism options. He approached MedTrava who helped him identify qualified surgeons and world-class facilities and connected him to Dr. Hegde, a surgeon at the Artemis Health Institute, India. Gene discovered that MedTrava's partners in India could give him a double disc replacement, an option still awaiting FDA approval and not yet available in the U.S. Recovery time for a disc replacement is only about nine to ten weeks and the replacement is designed to last a lifetime. A much better alternative than what the doctors in the US were offering him - multiple surgeries, long recovery times, extremely expensive!

Not only could Gene get his treatment in India, it could be done immediately and the cost in India would be less than 20% of the cost in the US. Nearly $100,000 in the US but only $19,500 in India; savings of over $80,000!

Convinced about the quality of the overseas healthcare services offered in India, Gene traveled to India and was successfully operated at Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon!

Back in the U.S., Gene is now able to enjoy the outdoor activities he loves. He started playing volleyball eight weeks after his surgery and has successfully gone camping and 4x4ing. He was recently discharged from office physical therapy and was able to cut the daily amount of physical therapy which he now does at home.

Asked whether he would recommend getting medical treatment in India to others, Gene is enthusiastic:
"I went from hopeless, to operating room, back to full life in less than three months! My doctors back in the US are amazed at my progress! MedTrava not only connected me with the best doctor for my treatment, they also took care of all the details, including booking incredibly luxurious hotels and arranging trips to the Taj Mahal and the Himalayas! My destination manager in India was unbelievable and was always just a phone call away. I still talk very highly of MedTrava, Artemis, Dr. Hegde (as well as the other doctors), and the incredible overall experience.”
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