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James Maloney  
Patient's Name
James Maloney
Houston, Texas
I broke my tooth back in February, but with no dental insurance I could not afford to get my tooth fixed. I put off getting it fixed for as long as possible, but eventually I grew tired of being unable to chew on one side of my mouth. I had heard about dental care being cheaper in Mexico, so I started researching the logistics. I was hooked up with MedTrava, an Austin-based medical tourism firm, and they provided me with a ton of information and were really helpful.

Once I chose my dentist and arrived for treatment, I found the dentist to be extremely efficient and skilled—he even had this neat little trick of shaking my cheek when he was injecting the painkiller so I didn’t feel pain from the shot. Because I had put off getting treated for so long, I had to get a root canal in addition to the crown I knew I was going to need. Even with that additional expense, though, my entire bill was less than what my mother paid in the U.S. for the same treatment with insurance.

I would definitely go back to Mexico for dental work—I just wouldn’t hesitate as long this time! Before I went, a lot of people voiced concerns about the quality of the work I would receive. Now that I’m back and the crown is still firmly attached in my mouth, those same people want my dentist’s number…
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