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Patient's Name
Maudine Sherber
Knee Surgery
Hello, I am Maudine Sherber from America, Texas. I came to India on May 9th 2006 to have Dr. Malhan to look at my knee and to remove the plate and screws which were there since last year, after I had an accident back home in US. After a lot of mails exchanged and discussions I had with Mr.Thukral and Dr. Malhan, arrangements were made for me to fly to India.

We were picked up from the airport by the hospital staff and I was admitted in a comfortable room. The next day they took me for a detailed health check and also had my heart checked out while here. I also had an angiogram done and found my heart was in very good shape. The next day Dr.Malhan took me up for surgery to run scope and look around and made some repairs and removed the plate and screws and found that the joint was in good condition, but leg had a few problems and leg crocked somewhat.

I can honestly say that I can't remember ever been taking care of by so many nice, kind, and caring people. I'm sure that many people will find it to be a big decision as I did to come to a different country not knowing anyone and worrying about the language barrier, and being so far from home.

Well let me reassure you that was not a problem. They speak good English and if there was ever a time when I had a small problem there was always someone there to help. As far as feeling homesick I felt that I had met many new friends. We traded many stories between us. My husband came with me and we had a very large room and he had his own bed, TV, ice box, and a computer to our use to be able to keep in contact with our family. Dr.Malhan was very explanatory of my surgery and the problems with my knee and of the work and repairs that he made. We received a DVD of my knee surgery and of my heart test. After almost a year of pain and discomfort I am finally close to being my old self.

Yesterday we went for local sightseeing in Mumbai. My husband and I really had a nice time. Mr. Borat took care of me as he might would his own mother. We went to this really nice Chinese place and the food was excellent. The drive was like riding in the Indianapolis 500 but all in all was very exciting. The Prince of Wales Museum was great and the Gateway to India was spectacular.

I feel I was blessed in being allowed to make this trip. It will be an experience I will never forget. There is no doubt that I would recommend this Hospital to anyone who needs medical care of any kind. If you ever have any concerns about making this trip feel free to contact me, I will be glad to be of any help to you that I can. Good luck in all your decisions.
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