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Patient's Name
Troy H
Denver, CO
My name is Troy Halouska.  I was Gene Splitter’s traveling companion when he journeyed to India to undergo a two-level spinal disc replacement surgery.  When he first told me of his idea to go to India to have a surgery that would not be covered under his current health care plan in America, I was extremely skeptical.  I was wondering such things as, "What would the cost of such a trip be, what kind of facilities would you encounter, and would you be able to find a qualified surgeon to perform the surgery?"

After he ended up selecting MedTrava to assist him with locating a qualified surgeon, and help with all of the travel arrangements, he began to describe the potential journey and what he and I should expect.  He then told me about the process of interviewing potential surgeons with MedTrava on the phone with him and the cost of the surgery and trip.  I was very surprised at the difference in cost to have the surgery in the States compared to having it abroad.  It was about 20% of the price!

After Gene selected Dr. Hegde in Grugoen, India to perform the surgery, and finding out what hospital facility he would be at, I did a little research on the Internet to see what information I could find about the hospital and doctor from independent sources.  Absolutely everything I found gave excellent reviews of Dr. Hegde and the hospital.  In fact, I was surprised to find out that the type of disc replacement device that Gene was hoping to have was the most cutting-edge technology and was not even available to patients in the States.  I also found out that for Gene's type of surgery, Dr. Hegde was one of the best surgeons in the world at performing it based on experience and successfulness.  I was definitely feeling more comfortable about Gene's decision.

As Gene began finalizing travel plans, MedTrava spent a lot of time working with him to book a week's worth of tourist activities for the both of us before the surgery.  They also assisted him with getting everything set-up for the surgery at the hospital, where he would stay for a week.  The also arranged for the hotel in New Delhi for the second week after surgery where he could continue recovering before flying back to the States.

For the week of tourist activities before Gene's surgery, we traveled to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and other sites in the area, took an overnight train and stayed near a town called Dalhausie in the Himalayas for a few days, and then spent a couple days seeing some of the sights in and around Delhi.  The sightseeing was really great. All transportation, including private drivers, taxis, and trains was arranged for us by MedTrava, as was a cell phone for use in India, all accommodations, and private tourist guides.  It really was an experience of a lifetime.  MedTrava made everything so easy.  Anytime Gene or I had a question about any aspect of the trip, we could simply call the MedTrava representative in India. MedTrava arranged for a large private room for Gene in the hospital where I could stay with him.  As a patient, all meals were included for Gene, and MedTrava arranged meals from the hospital for me as well, which were surprisingly high-quality of a hospital.  I am not exaggerating when I say that this was the nicest medical facility I have been in…anywhere.  On top of the clean, modern facilities, I have never met more friendly and accommodating staff.  From the doctors, to the nurses, to the orderlies, to the administrators, everyone was gracious and went out of their way to make Gene as comfortable as possible.  We both met with Dr. Hegde upon arrival and I was extremely impressed.  He was very honest and knowledgeable about a few different options for Gene and what he could expect for each.  Gene made his decision with Dr. Hegde's help and the surgery was set.  The day of surgery, I was allowed to stay with Gene as they were prepping him. About a half dozen different doctors stopped by to chat with Gene and let them know what their role was in the operating room.  I was very impressed with each one of them.

The surgery went very, very well with absolutely no complications. Each of the doctors stopped by and visited with Gene each day afterward while he was still in the hospital.  Their genuine concern for Gene was very impressive.  The hospital arranged for laundry service for both of us, had a barber on sight to give Gene a haircut, and continued to impress me with the food provided.  Upon Gene's discharge, Dr. Hegde spent a couple hours with us simply socializing. He also told us what Gene should do to aid his recovery and what he should expect over the next several months.

Finally, the hotel that was arranged for us to spend a final week in India in New Delhi was amazing.  The property was beautiful, the food was top-notch, and the staff was incredible.  There was even a hotel doctor that assisted Gene a couple times with changing his dressing on his incision.

Overall, the whole experience exceeded my wildest expectations.  I fell in love with the people and culture of India.  Everyone was so friendly and gracious.  The dress, customs, and food that I experienced was unique and unparalleled.  It has been over four months since Gene's surgery now.  He has continued to recover at a remarkable pace, and is pretty much back to 100% after years of pain and debilitation.  His decision to travel abroad to have the surgery was probably the best decision he ever made, and MedTrava was instrumental in making this such a huge success story.  I would recommend the folks at MedTrava for anyone that is thinking about the possibility of going out of the country for any medical need, hands-down.
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